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Partywirks News: Online Purchasing in 2010 Nears 1 Billion Dollars!

Partywirks News:  Online Purchasing in 2010 Nears 1 Billion Dollars!

Still think that people want to drive to your place of business or call on the phone to purchase a gift certificate or book a party or other event? It may be time to change your thinking! In 2009 online sales in the United States alone logged in at 800 Million and in 2010 that number is closing in at a record 1 Billion Dollars in online sales!  If you are not offering online reservations and sales  then you are missing out on profits and short changing your clients.

According to the most recent Pew Research Study “the percentage of Americans purchasing online rose from 36% in 2000 to 52% in 2010.”  The report goes on to say that “E-commerce is now a 360-degree experience for shoppers.  It begins with online research that in turn leads to purchases that then trigger commentary and reviews by shoppers.  Every part of the online experience seems to have become second nature to the Internet veterans.”

To confirm this undeniable fact, a recent survey by states that nearly 88.2% of retailers had a special online promotion for Cyber Monday, growing each year since 2007, when 72.2 percent planned promotions. The report goes on to say “Finding holiday deals has never been easier, especially with retailers investing in websites and applications”, such as Partywirks.

In addition, the report states that the majority of Cyber Monday shoppers will shop from their home computer (96 million people or 89.5%) while a growing number of people this year say they will shop via their smartphone.  These same retailers also post cyber specials to their Facebook page and followers on Twitter.

If you have a business that sells a product or a service then these “online facts” are speaking to you.  If you have a website then you can easily add the Partywirks online reservation and sales software.  From there you can advertise this online buying capability to your clients on your website, via your Facebook page and Twitter and also via any other conventional advertising media you currently utilize.

We cannot deny the numbers or the facts; online reservations and shopping are here to stay and consumers are not going back to voice mail and waiting for return calls.  If you are not already offering online reservations and sales for your clients then make the commitment to do so in 2011.  The demand is there and it’s time to satisfy your customers demand.  If you do not, your competition just might.  Let’s get this party started in 2011!

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