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Mulligan Family Fun Centers – where Partywirks Online Scheduling & Sales Software=Top Quality Customer Service!

Mulligan Family Fun Centers – where Partywirks Online Scheduling & Sales Software=Top Quality Customer Service!

Owner Georgia Claessens took her father’s advice to go to college and start a business seriously.  She chose to go into the entertainment business and after building her first fun center in Torrance, California in 1993 she went on to build the second center in Murrieta in 1996 and acquired the third center in Palmdale, California in 2005.  All three centers are successful in large part because of the strict adherence to top quality customer service which in turn has created loyal customers. Robert Araiza, Director of Marketing and Sales says that they want clients to feel as if they are walking into a home like atmosphere when they visit one of the Fun Centers.

Mulligan made the decision to add the Partywirks online reservation and sales software in 2007 and did so because they saw the trend to online shopping and knew this is what their customers wanted.  This proved to be very astute considering that the Pew Internet & American Life Project claim online sales neared $1 Billion Dollars in 2010!

Prior to switching to the new online platform Robert conducted an internal survey and he said the decision was a “no brainer”.  Both he and his wife shop online and he said one of the main features for online reservations and sales software is that your business is available to clients 24/7.  “Our parks close at 9:00 p.m. and some people don’t like to call and even more do not like voice mail.”  Their customers like the convenience of online reservations and this is in line with the Mulligan attention to quality customer service.

There has been a noticeable increase in upselling and add-ons and Robert attributes this to the computer vs. human factor.  Along with descriptions of add-ons, the software allows for photos of add-on items which really helps upsell.

The Mulligan websites are an excellent example of how to advertise the online reservations option.  On each and every page of their website there is a “Buy Online” tab front and center.   They also advertise this online option on their Facebook page which has a link to their Buy Online page of their website.

Mulligan provides Online Buying to their customers as another means of adhering to their strict commitment of customer service and, just as with online shopping; this is a trend that will never go out of style!

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