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Online Book & Buy Software Replaces Traditional Advertising

Providing Online Booking & Shopping to your website increases revenue and reduces your costs in staff and traditional advertising costs.

Between 2008 and July 2010, 166 newspapers stopped publication with the numbers for 2011 still to be tallied.  This of course is related to how people obtain their news in the age of technology. If you are like me and apparently many other people you read your news online.  So, the question arises as to how much money a business owner should spend on print advertising in this modern era? 

The fact is that people are searching and finding information they want on the internet and with that in mind this is where you should be advertising your products and services.  And, when they are on your web site researching your company it is imperative that you allow them a way to do business with you online.  You can offer this through online booking and online shopping capabilities.  This is the service that you want to advertise and you can do so on your own website, Facebook page, twitter, email marketing, or group-on style advertising. 

Potential clients are much more likely to book online rather than take the time to call you and risk engaging in telephone tag or leaving a voice mail message. 

 Many clients budget hundreds of dollars each month for print advertising when they would realize much more return when adding online services for their customers.  This also saves the business owner money on staff needed to answer or return phone calls and a loss in lost opportunities.  In other words, if you are not available to answer their call (if they even call) then they will look elsewhere.

For today’s business owner it is imperative to allocate marketing and advertising funds for online book & buy convenience for today’s modern consumer!