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Broken Arrow Roller Sports: With Online Booking Add On Sales up 75%!

Let Partywirks Online Booking help you increase your add-on sales revenue!

When Owner Darrin Johnson opened Broken Arrow Roller Sports five years ago, he was fulfilling a lifelong dream.  Darrin considered himself a “rink rat” growing up because he and his friends spent so much time in roller rinks.  Not only was he able to fulfill his dream it also allowed him more time to be with his children.  Only 10 and 15 years old when he opened the business, his children both now work in the company and he likes that this keeps his family together.

As a busy owner Darrin found himself with not enough hours in the day to operate and market his business.  He was answering 40-50 phone calls per day related to his party packages and this was taking up valuable time.  He was reluctant at first to switch to an online party booking system because he wanted to maintain the customer interaction.  A friend and fellow rink owner told him about Partywirks and their positive experience and Darrin decided to make the shift in his scheduling process.  And, he is very happy about his decision.

His daily phone calls regarding parties decreased from 50 to 10 and this solved an enormous amount of problems and gave him time to market his business as well as tend to other management details. 

A big surprise for Darrin has been the increase in add-on sales of 75%.

The software now does the selling for him!  He has also seen a big revenue increase in off-peak events which he did not really have the time to market in the past.  One event in particular which caters to the 30-40 year old crowd for late night parties has really taken off!

With Darrin’s decision to offer his clients the ability to book online at their convenience he not only increased his customer service he has increased his revenue!  Now that’s a good way to get a party started!

Broken Arrow Roller Sports
551 W. Oakland
Broken Arrow, OK 74012