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With Partywirks Online Booking, Color Me Mine Canada Add-On Sales Are Up 75%!

While traveling in Encino, California five years ago Joe Akl visited a Color Me Mine ceramics studio with his son, Kayan who was just a year old at that time.  Joe was inspired by the vision of his young son’s handprints and footprints on their ceramic project.  In fact, he was so enchanted with the experience he called Color Me Mine headquarters as soon as he returned home to Calgary, Alberta, to inquire about opening a studio in Canada.  Not only did Joe open a studio, he bought the entire franchise rights for Canada!  Joe knew that Color Me Mine would be a wonderful business in Canada.  With the colder climate he thought this would be a great way to bring families together and provide a business that creates joy. He has found this market to be so receptive that in just five short years, Joe is getting ready to open his 8th studio!

 Joe is adamant that he wants his customers to have an excellent experience which is the reason that led him to utilize Partywirks online booking service.

  “Our staff is busy during the day taking care of our parties and our customers are also very busy.  We don’t like our clients to feel rushed during a phone call and also they aren’t able to see our entire offering, learn of our policies, and see our add-on items.  We have absolutely all of our party information on our website and this eliminates mistakes, miscommunications, and we allow our customers to create their own personalized party.” 

There is no denying that this business choice has proven successful for Color Me Mine in Canada.  Joe says that his party bookings are up 10-20% and his add-on sales are up 75%! 

 “When customers can take the time to view pictures of the add-on items on our website they are able to create a customized party for their child.”
In fact, since utilizing Partywirks Color Me Mine Canada has gone paperless.  They do not print out fliers or other brochures instead; all their party information is on their website.  In this way, their clients are all receiving the same accurate information, all the time, with no more disputes or miscommunications.

 “We do all of our advertising now on our website because this is the way the world operates and we wanted to be on board.”

“When a mother brings her child in for their birthday party they want it to be memorable and we want it to be awesome. We want them to enjoy an excellent experience.”  Now, that’s inspirational!

Color Me Mine Canada