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Partywirks: Online Sales Rise to $1.25 Billion on Cyber Monday, 2011

Are you offering your customers a method to book and buy online?

If not, then you just missed out on a slice of this $1.25 Billion pie during Cyber Monday.  More and more people are buying online as these numbers attest and this is not a trend…this is a way of doing business in today’s online age.
Partywirks clients have seen their reservations and bookings rise, and their add-on sales increase dramatically.  Why?  Because today’s consumers are booking online from their office, their smart phone, their ipad or their laptop.  These are busy people that want to take time to review what you are selling in detail and at their leisure.  They do not want to take the time to call you and risk becoming involved in telephone tag in order to purchase a gift certificate or book a class or party.  They will just move on to the next business that will service them online.
If you do not offer Online sales then you are missing out on the easiest way to increase your revenue, streamline your internal booking system, and get an edge on your competition.

Perhaps it’s time to give Partywirks to yourself for Christmas this year?