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January, 2012  // Posts published in January, 2012

21 Jan Posted by Larry in Partywirks Booking Blog |

THE 5 MOST FREQUENTLY REPORTED BENEFITS FOR YOUR PARTY & EVENT BUSINESS (as reported by actual party venue owners/managers/staff)

THE RESULTS ARE IN AND THEY ARE GREAT! Fewer Errors!  Less Stress! I used to cringe when I overheard incorrect information being given out to customers! With all the package descriptions, policies, procedures, pricing and details it’s easy to slip up and give out the wrong information OR, write down the wrong information! With Partywirks...


Partywirks: Are You Still Partying like it’s 1980? It Might Be Time For a Change!

Still using one of the most unpopular services around testing customers patience and putting business at risk? Voice mail, which gained popularity in the 1980′s, is now over 30 years old!  Once a hot new idea it’s now one of the least popular customer options around. Still, calling many party venues is like calling the...