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For Today’s Family Entertainment Centers: Online Marketing & Booking a Must!

01 Aug Posted by Janey in Partywirks Booking Blog |

When Carey Tosello decided to transition to a new lifestyle, he knew that he wanted to remain involved in the industry that he had been a part of for  many years.  As  Managing Partner of two high-volume bowling centers he knew what all owners know; 60 hour workweeks are normal and 80 hour workweeks are not uncommon.  This real world experience along with 4 years as Director of Memberships and Events for the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America gave him the first-hand knowledge to start his own company.

In order for businesses to market to their audience they have to be available on the internet. 

This is imperative especially as many bowling centers move from the more traditional role of lanes only to the family entertainment center model. These centers cater to a younger generation of parents and their children and this generation does their research online from their laptops, iPads, or iPhones.  And, this is where Carey and his company enter the picture.
As Founder of he caters to his former peers in the industry and helps them establish and manage their online marketing.  Business operators are able to outsource items such as website development & management, Facebook pages, text messaging and email marketing to him while they tend to other pressing business and management issues.

Carey also advises his clients to provide Partywirks online booking and sales to their websites.  Today’s consumers are used to booking and buying online and it is important to provide them with this option.

As the bowling industry continues to evolve and change, progressive business owners must grow and change their business practices.  With Carey Tosello as part of their team, online marketing is one item they can cross off their long list.
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