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Blackbeards Family Entertainment Center


Blackbeards Family Fun Center

Besides the excellent customer service he has received from Partywirks Joe says that he really appreciates the Partywirks online customer service forms such as the questionnaires because he feels he is better able to connect with his clients. With the questionnaires they have created a birthday party club, an email club, and the name of their mascot was voted on using a Partywirks questionnaire. And the winning name was…Captain Patches! Read more of Joe’s blog article here


Skates Center

Skates Center Roller Rink

Skates Center wanted to save time on the party booking process. It was a tedious, multi-call process to book a party. Something had to change. Jenny found her answer, signed up with Partywirks on Monday and by Friday Skates Center was “live” and seeing their first online orders. Today 98% of customers serve themselves and book online. This has led to a huge increase in add-on sales and more new, first time customers.

We’ve been so pleased with our system and the simplicity of it all. We have nothing but great things to say about Partywirks and will continue to suggest Partywirks to other rink operators and business owners. I would absolutely refer others to their product. I can honestly say that this is the easiest and best change we could have made.

Kids Clubhouse

We have been using Partywirks for about two months. We decided on Partywirks as a way to stop the double-booking that was happening over the phone. Partywirks has eliminated the double booking issue for us which has reduced the stress for me, my staff and our customers. A side benefit – I’m saving a lot of time. When you consider each party booked over the phone can eat up 10 to 15 minutes I am now free for other important things in the business. I’m no longer chained to the phone! In fact we are so pleased with the online process we changed our voicemail greeting to steer people to our website so they can book themselves.

Customers love it and are excited to have this new online convenience. Surprisingly 60 to 70% of all our orders are now booked after office hours when no one would be here to take care them. This little button on our website has had a big impact in our business. Thanks Partywirks!


Color Me Mine

Party Sales Double With Partywirks Online Receptionist: Something to Shout About!

When Parents Magazine names your company one of the Top Ten Best Birthday Party Chains that is something to shout about! And this honor was recently bestowed upon Color Me Mine, a growing Paint-it-Yourself Ceramics Studio franchise with 140 locations in nine countries.

These mostly women owned studios specialize in parties and group events such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Team Builders, Office Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Baby Showers, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Reunions, and Housewarmings. And if it is not convenient to take your party to their studio, some studios will bring the party to you!

Since using the Partywirks Online Receptionist the Southglenn studio is up to 14.38% in 2010 from 7.74% in 2009 in party sales as a percent of total sales!

Read the full article here


Hilltop Fun Center

Add on sales up over 400% in the first two weeks!

We added Partywirks to our website about two weeks ago,
“astronomical” is how I would describe add-on sales so far! Add-ons can be difficult to sell over the phone because customers don’t like to feel they are being sold or even take the time to listen. Partywirks makes it easy for customers to buy add-ons because the pictures and descriptions give them the information they need and the time they want to browse and consider their options so they can customize their party with the extras that suit them. We’re still learning but so far we are impressed with Partywirks results and their service. Thanks Partywirks.



We just had a record December and already January is booked up! Thanks Partywirks for creating all this work! All kidding aside, who would think from the news headlines that Iceoplex in Escondido California would be coming off a record December and heading into a jam-packed January 2010! What recession? Especially in hard hit California! We haven’t missed a beat says Cyndi. My Blackberry is legendary for going off at 10 or 11 p.m. at night when new online orders are emailed to me. We are drawing new customers from new areas who would never take the time to drive over for information or to register for a party…but they will online. With Partywirks we see new groups and their friends every week.


Chasers Laser Tag and Paintball

I got my life back! After 13 years of operating this every popular Laser Tag facility Dawn wanted some help and her husband wanted her to get her life back. Dawn was chained to the phones and it consumed all her time. Enter Partywirks! Today Dawn has her life back and customers can serve themselves by choosing the online booking option. Now when Dawn checks her email in the morning she can see the new orders that came in overnight. Dawn is still intent on answering every call but now her and her staff of 3 use Partywirks both for phone-in orders and orders that customers enter themselves. Partywirks has made a world of difference in my business. I love the service and have recommended Partywirks to many others.


Rinkside Family Sports

Business is “cookin and bookin” at this multi-sport facility near Chicago. Add-on sales are way up and customers and staff love the convenience. Partywirks goes hand-in-glove with the level of customer service we offer at Rink Side. I’ve had many moms tell me that after the kids are in bed and hubby is dozing on the couch they go online to book their party. Or sometimes the whole family joins in reviewing their options and picking the package just right for them. Our Park District customers are also big users of Partywirks. We have an amazing number of events scheduled already for 2010 with area park districts. These pro’s love the online convenience of Partywirks Customer Service Forms which give them the ability to reach us quickly and easily with all the information we need to get their groups scheduled. Payroll is also a concern and with Partywirks we don’t have to worry about coming in to emails and voicemails requesting return calls, customers just go online and book themselves. This save us a lot of time and frees up staff. From a marketing perspective, we are on about 20 different websites that promote the Chicago area….they all lead to our website and to Partywirks, this is unbelievably important. This has made our marketing much more effective and given us an easy way to turn the online visitor into a new customer. We love the way Partywirks enhances our brand with the seamless transition from our website. Partywirks service is outstanding and we love the way the Partywirks team responds to our ideas and requests. We are a great team.


XP Laser Sports

Productivity & Add On Sales UP! Marc began investigating online options when he opened his 2nd location. His staff was stretched thin and was challenged keeping up with the phones. He knew this problem would get worse with the new location opening. “The transition to Partywirks went very smoothly. Before Partywirks only a select group of managers were able to book parties but because the Partywirks process is almost a “paint by numbers” process we can now let more staff take party bookings. This has freed up managers time for other activities and really helped increase productivity. I have been thrilled with the results we have seen with Partywirks. Add-on orders are way up and I’ve been surprised at how many orders we get late at night or early in the morning. We can now truly serve our customers when they want to be served and in this day and age, this really makes a difference.

Some metrics:

  • Marc books an average of 42 parties per month through Partywirks
  • More deluxe parties (high end parties) are booked online then over the phone
  • 75% of online customers purchased add-ons vs. 57% over the phone
  • 44% of online orders are made during regular business hours
  • 56% of orders are booked online when no one is in the office to take the order!

I like the new marketing flexibility we have now. I thought of a great promotion the other night and it was online the next day with 20 new orders over the weekend!

Poway Fun Bowl

Reaching a new demographic! Poway Fun Bowl has been a Partywirks customer since January 2009. Tracy says they decided to get their business online because online services are so popular. We wanted to catch new customers, those surfing the web who we normally were not attracting. In the last 11 months we have seen our party business increase 20% and add-on sales grow even more. We are also seeing a higher end clientele, those people earning over $100,000 who are busy and just want to get online and do their business. They don’t want to pick up the phone and go through the hassle of trying to get someone to talk to them. It’s super easy online so that’s what they do. Today the Internet, our website and Partywirks are critical to our business. With these new tools we are able to reach a new demographic and we can see it when these new customers walk in the door. Getting online with Partywirks was pretty easy, your staff did a great job helping us get setup and ready to go.


Paradise Park

Paradise Park, an award winning FEC in Lees Summit, Mo., has turned their booking and information collection process inside/out with Partywirks.

What does inside/out mean? Before Partywirks Paradise Park had one primary entry point for customers – the telephone. Much of the information customers needed to make their plans was “inside” the business, behind the telephone. This meant customers had no choice but to call and speak to party staff.

Today, with Partywirks, Paradise Park now has over 15 different options for clients who want to book a party, buy a gift card, rent a batting cage, purchase a year-long membership and more, all online!

Information is now “outside” the business, in front of the telephone available for consumers who prefer to shop, research and buy at their leisure online. And today, that is just about everyone.

David Shook, Events Director at Paradise Park says “Partywirks has radically changed how we sell and market our party and event services. Partywirks facilitates many of our data consolidation needs leaving our staff more face-to-face time with our guests while extending our sales hours to 24/7.

Onsite focus groups confirm customers high satisfaction with this new approach and Partywirks now plays a central role in the booking and management of the party and event business at Paradise Park.

Is it time to turn your party business inside/out and offer your customers what they really want, a faster, better and more convenient way to make you their next party choice?