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Sell more party favors, t-shirts, gift cards, products, food & drinks with every order!

Add ons 

Let your client customize their experience. Results show your customers will purchase more party add-ons online when they have the time, pictures and descriptions available to make decisions. This is an easy way to boost the bottom line and showcase your add-ons at the same time.



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Partywirks Online Receptionist is much more than an easy to use online booking tool; it is also an add-on “upsell” superstar.

Similar to a rack of tempting goodies at the checkout counter in your supermarket, Partywirks Online Receptionist presents your add-on products and services to customers during the online checkout process.

Using large images and detailed descriptions of your individual add-ons customers can view, consider and purchase add-ons by adding them to the online shopping cart.

  • Unlimited Add ons
  • Multiple Add on purchases
  • Add on on a per Package Basis


Rake in the cash !

Rake in the cash

  • With Partywirks you can mix and match add-on items with the various services you offer.
  • Now you can tailor specific add-ons to compliment the activity customers are signing up for.
  • Expand your add-on offerings and increase sales with Partywirks Online Receptionist.