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Not Everyone Visiting Your Website is Ready To Book! Offer them Alternative Options with Partywirks Customer Service Forms!

Partywirks Customer Service Forms streamline a time consuming process while collecting more accurate and critical information!


Not everyone who visits your website is ready to make a decision. Some visitors are looking for ideas for an upcoming group event, others need help with a Fundraiser while others maybe looking for a job, want to buy a gift card or membership or want help with with donations for their event. With Partywirks you can meet all these needs and more with easy online forms for your busy customer. Partywirks Customer Service Forms give these online visitors a way to move forward other than clicking off your site.


Customer Service Forms

Customer Service Forms

Configure Partywirks Customer Service forms to collect any information you want to know. Customers answer your questions then their answers are instantly emailed to select people on your staff. This puts your sales people in the best possible position to close the deal on the follow-up call….after all, since information is King, Partywirks gives your sales team all the information they need to quickly get back to the prospect with the answers and information they need to make a decision.

What can you use Partywirks Customer Service forms for?
Here are some popular examples:

  • Join our Birthday Club, click here

  • Buy Our Gift Cards Online, click here

  • Planning a Group Event? Click here to start planning!

  • Holding a FUNraiser? We can help, click here

  • Customer Surveys

  • Donation Requests

  • Job applications

  • Contact Us and more



People completing your online forms will be instantly emailed a confirmation that their email was received. Include as much information as you wish in the auto-responder message.


Include “links” to Partywirks forms in your email campaigns

Email Links

Get more power out of your email campaigns by including action-links to Partywirks forms in the body of your eNewsletters or emails. When customers can “click” to take action – more of them will.

Include “links” to Partywirks forms in on numerous pages of your website

Page Links

If you have a multi-page website featuring different aspects of your business, add “links” to Partywirks forms on the appropriate pages of your website. When your customers click these “links” they will be directed straight to the right form. Fast, easy communication complete with all the details. How could it be any better?

Collect Detailed Information with every form!

Collect Detailed Information

No more missing or incomplete information! Partywirks online forms offer a consistent, repeatable process for better information, more detailed information and more consistent information from every new prospect. Set up the questions you want answered and offer your clients several options on how to respond using drop down boxes with your choices of answers, pick from a list, multiple answers or long or short text boxes for free-form entries.