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Partywirks’ modular software lets you use what you need as your business grows. We have a range of price options for you to choose from depending on your needs.

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Shop Now

Partywirks’ Shop Now online shopping cart can be used separately or as part of the full Partywirks suite of online business services. With Partywirks’ shopping cart, your customers can shop, buy and pay for a variety of products online, from food and beverages, to party supplies, bowling pins and roller skates, and more.

$39.95 a month

This is a one-time setup fee, which includes two hours of training on how to enter items, etc. After this, if you need any help, then there’s an hourly rate of $25 per hour, one hour minimum.

Easily categorize your products. Add pictures, a price, tax and a description for each of the items that you’re selling. Give your customers options to choose from, ranging from T-shirt sizes to different colors.

Keep an eye on the itinerary that you have for each of your products and easily manage your stock.

You can allow your customers to select the type of method that suits them best, whether it’s to pick up the product at a specific time and date, or if they wish to get it delivered to their homes.

Stay on top of sales with detailed reports. Pick and choose the categories that matter most to you before you download them.

Customers and staff will receipts via email with every order.

You can do this simply with one of the following payment processors:, WorldPay, PayPal Pro or Square. Also, once your customer registers, their billing address will automatically be saved before they make another purchase, and you’ll be able to capture customer information.

As business needs change, add a booking system, lead capture and invitations using the same Partywirks system.

Multi-Location Management

Do you have multiple locations? Do you struggle collecting data for sales reports or customer information for promotional campaigns? Would you like to compare location sales in real time? Now you can with Partywirks’ Multi-Location Manager. We link your locations together for consolidated information at your command.

$9.95 a month per location

You don’t need to worry about having paying any setup fees.

There’s no need to have multiple logins; just use a single login to get access to all the connected locations.

You’re able to consolidate all your reports in one convenient place.

When timing matters, having all your customers’ information (name, email, phone, address) in one place automatically means more of your customers can be included in special offers, newsletters, and promotional campaigns.

You’re able to access the data that’s important to you in various ways.

You can easily export the reports that you need to Excel.

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